Grace Classic Photography


Grace Classic Photography is an Arizona-based fine art studio specialized in large format photography and platinum printing. Unlike most of today’s photographers, we have purposely chosen to practice our art hands-on, eschewing the convenience and low cost of modern photographic processes. In return, Handcrafted prints in luminous platinumwe (and our clients) are rewarded with handcrafted works in luminous platinum.

Our work starts with an image captured on an eight-inch by ten-inch (or larger) sheet of photographic film. Using wooden field cameras and heirloom lenses, we can make a negative unrivalled in its ethereal delicacy, yet bold in its tonal range. In short, a negative perfectly complementary to platinum printing.

But that astoundingly large and detailed negative image is only a beginning. Our platinum prints are built upon a foundation of the finest cotton rag artist’s paper, which we coat by hand with a platinum solution tailored especially to each image’s requirements. After exposure and development, the finished image radiates from metallic platinum trapped below, as well as deposited on, the paper’s surface.

In the end, our platinum prints’ unique beauty draws from many sources. It is subject and lighting. Ethereal delicacy, bold tonal range, unique beautyIt is a superbly detailed negative. It is the choice of paper and coating chemistry. And finally, it is the eye of the photographer and printer.

A portion of our portfolio is shown in the Gallery. Information on ordering limited edition prints and contacting us to commission unique works can be found under About Us. More than you ever wanted to know about our printing process is in Platinum Printmaking, and under Frequently Asked Questions, you can find...well, you’ve probably already figured that one out.